Rancho Encinitas Academy and Edison Academy share a beautiful two-acre hillside campus in Encinitas. Built on the site of a former tree nursery, the campus is rich in beautiful, mature native and exotic trees. The buildings look and feel like cottages scattered around a rural park. Working together, the campus’s indoor and outdoor spaces provide a place where students can achieve maximum learning with minimum stress.

  • 9 cottage-style classrooms
  • 200-seat outdoor amphitheater
  • porches, patios, decks, and pergolas for outside learning and connecting
  • exercise and play spaces, including lawn, basketball court, and GameTime-equipped playground
  • mature native and rare exotic shade trees throughout campus
  • teaching garden
  • 50-bird dove aviary, 70-bird cockatiel aviary, and enclosures for rabbits and tortoises
  • safe off-street drop-off and pick-up