non-academic learning at REA and Edison

Elective classes

REA and Edison students in all grades attend weekly electives in art, music, PE, social skills, and yoga & mindfulness.


Our art classes are rich in practice with paints, sculpture, craftwork, and mixed media. Students also learn about great artists and the theories and practices they used to solve problems in design, production, academics, and life in general. For our students, art classes provide opportunities to express their ideas visually and to exercise fine-motor skills.

art class at REA and Edison


Music classes offer students the opportunity to have hands-on experiences through playing a wide-range of instruments. In this class, students learn about the musical families, how each instrument works, and the mannerisms needed to play harmoniously.  Along with the fundamentals of reading music, scaling instruments, learning about chords, and recognizing vocal ranges, students take what they have learned throughout the year and participate in musical performances.

music class at REA-Edison


Our physical education program teaches students how to engage in physical activity in an exciting, safe atmosphere. In each class students work on strengthen their fine and gross motor skills, while developing good sportsmanship and leadership qualities. PE class is divided into two sections, group and cooperative games, followed by the teaching of fundamentals and rules of various units such as soccer, basketball, and frisbee.

physical education at REA and Edison

Social Skills

Students in the Edison Academy program receive direct instruction on how to demonstrate appropriate social skills by attending meaningful and interactive weekly “Social Skills” classes. Training and the practice of appropriate social skills are also woven into daily classroom lessons and activities.

social skills in communication, listening, conflict, empathy, etc.

Yoga & Mindfulness

In the yoga & mindfulness class, students learn and practice techniques in movement, yoga, breathing, and concentration. Through these practices, students can develop better spatial awareness, balance, flexibility, body strength, memory,  focus, emotional awareness, self-regulation, and confidence.

yoga class at REA and Edison