A. Reynoso

Edison Academy has been a game-changer for our son. As is common among children with ADHD, he also struggles with several other learning differences. The support we were getting from our local public school amounted to a few hours a week of being pulled out from his “regular” class of 30+ kids to get some additional tutoring in math. He was falling further and further behind both academically and socially. He came home from school saying things like, “I have math with the dumb kids.” It broke our hearts.


Although we were worried about the financial and logistical challenges of moving him to a private school, the program at Edison has been completely worth the extra effort. He is now in a small classroom with teachers who are specially trained in helping “non-conforming” students. He has so much more confidence now — the teachers and staff at Edison are helping him to see that he really is one of the “smart kids.”  We are so grateful to have access to this wonderful program.