A. & M. Schneider

As parents of a student who excels academically but struggles socially, we had a difficult time deciding what to do in terms of finding an educational environment that appropriately met our needs. Our local public school was simply too crowded for our son and created a lot of anxiety for him, while the administration couldn’t do much for him in terms of services since he was academically at or above grade level. We spent the better part of his second grade year turning North County upside down trying to find the best possible school environment for him — somewhere with a small student-to-teacher ratio where his needs wouldn’t be overlooked and where we could feel comfortable. No matter how many schools we looked at, all roads seemed to point to REA/Edison.


Now, as our son is finishing his third year at the school, we’re still amazed at the contrast between his experience here and at public school. No longer do we have battles about having to go to school in the mornings nor long days spent worrying how he is doing at school. The mixed grade combo classes and smaller class sizes at REA/Edison allow him to move ahead in subjects he does well in and get any extra help he needs in those subjects that are more of a challenge.


An added bonus: The school’s small size helps create a community environment that extends throughout the student body into their families. This atmosphere has been instrumental for us as a family — especially after feeling swallowed up by the crowd at larger schools — and is likely the reason our daughter, who started kindergarten at REA this year, practically begged us to let her go to her brother’s school, even though many of her neighborhood and preschool friends were headed to our local public school.


While our daughter may not experience the same social challenges that her brother does, we have no doubt that this unique environment has been instrumental in her academic and emotional growth this year. With REA’s small class sizes and more individualized pacing, she’s learned a lot this year, made some great friends and gained a huge amount of self confidence! When your kids are performing well in school and love going, what more can you really ask for?